What is My Staging Folder & How Do I Use It?

Your Staging Folder lives on Amazon S3 and allows you to transfer multiple files more efficiently. It is fully secured to provide access only to Nextpoint and you, via your credentials, so be sure to take care to only provide appropriate parties with these credentials. 

To learn more about setting up and transferring files to your Staging Folder in Nextpoint click the appropriate environment below:

Previously, the only way customers could import multiple files themselves was to compress them into a zip file, and upload through a web browser. This works fine, but compressing the files, which then need to be uncompressed during processing, adds time to your upload.

By using your Staging Folder and appropriate transfer program (listed above), you eliminate the need to compress your files, and therefore the need to uncompress them, which speeds up the entire process. Your Staging Folder can also be used to transfer your files if you are using the Nextpoint Client Success services, eliminating the need to ship disks, drives or use an FTP.

Not only does the Staging Folder allow for more efficient importing of data, it also makes it much easier to download your document exports from Nextpoint. After your document export is finished, simply click the "Copy to Staging Folder" link provided on your export details screen, and all volumes of your export will be copied to the case folder. You can then download them from there, rather than through your browser:

* If you are having trouble deleting folders using Cloudberry Explorer, click here to download a patch.

If you need further assistance, contact your Project Manager or send an email to and someone from our team will get back to you.

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