Why Can't I See All the Folders?

The Review platform allows a full review to be divided into folders, and users can be assigned to folders, to help keep a review organized. Depending on your access level, you will see the following tabs:

Users with Standard, Basic, or Reviewer access will only have the REVIEW tab, where they can see the reviews they have been assigned to. Standard and Basic users can use the Search or Filters to find documents outside their subreviews.

Users with Advanced access, will have the REVIEW tab, as well as the ADMIN tab, where they can go to Reviewer Metrics to view all the subreviews


*Available to all users

Here you can view all the folders to which you are assigned, and use quick links to go to various groups of documents, such as Responsive or Privileged documents within a Folder set.



*This functionality is available for Advanced users only.

Here Advanced users can choose from three tabs:

1. The Home tab displays a high level inventory of a document review project

2. The Reviewer Metrics tab displays information about how many documents have been reviewed, how documents have been coded, and overall progress of a subreview. Users can create a report delivered via email, detailing and tracking exact figures for a subreview.

3. The Reviewer Metrics tab shows the progress for individual reviewers, including the number of documents marked by each reviewer and how many documents are stamped each hour. There is also a "Review at a Glance" sidebar for a quick summary of the same information.


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