Why Schedule a Kickoff Call?


Nextpoint is a straightforward software with a user experience that should be familiar to most eDiscovery practitioners. However, there are always things to learn when you’re new to an enterprise software, and it’s best to address them before you’re up against a deadline.

For your first case with us, we recommend asking our Engagement team to guide you through the process of importing, organizing and exchanging your data—particularly if you answer “Yes” to any of the questions below.

  • Is this my first time using eDiscovery software?
  • Is this my first time importing or producing data on my own?
  • Will I not have time to review Nextpoint’s training videos, support topics and new user guide?
  • Is my first project under a tight deadline?
  • Is my data “messy” (i.e. potentially containing duplicates, or coming from many different sources)?
  • Will my data need to be entered into Discovery and Litigation databases?
  • Is there so much data to review that I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it on time?
  • Is this review project larger than anything I’ve ever handled before?


What is covered in a kickoff call?

If your answer to any of the questions above is “Yes,” here’s how a kickoff call can help.

  1. An Engagement expert will walk through your case and deliver a custom needs assessment.
  2. Our experts will build out the plan of attack for your case and deliver a project budget for data import and service hour costs. (Average cases range from 3-5 service hours, but can vary based on case size and scope.)
  3. With a defined plan, we’ll be able to make more efficient use of our service hours and save you money.
  4. After your first kickoff call, you can repeat the process for future cases or decide you’re familiar enough with Nextpoint to manage everything on your own.
  5. Nextpoint can use information saved from your kickoff call to create a firm-wide training plan, provide workflow consultation to increase your team’s efficiency or deliver eDiscovery best practices that are relevant to your firm.


What are the risks if I skip the kickoff call?

If you decide you want to handle everything on your own on your first project with Nextpoint, we understand. Please keep in mind that we may not know when you have upcoming deadlines or training needs, and we’ll need a reasonable amount of lead time to plan when and how to assist you if a need arises.

However, you’ll still have access to our library of online training resources in the Nextpoint Help Center.


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