How to Share an Export via Email

In addition to downloading an export yourself or copying it to your database, you can send a secure link to download the export to any email address. This is particularly useful for sharing a production with someone who does not have a Nextpoint login.




Sending the export

From the DATA tab, click Exports to reach the Export Status screen and find the export you’d like to share. Click the three-dot menu button to the right of the export and select Share Link.



On the next screen, complete the recipient details and add any notes you’d like to send to the recipient. (To prevent accidental sends to the wrong email address, we recommend retyping the recipient’s email manually in the Confirm Email field instead of copy-and-pasting it.) 



When you’re done, click the Share button. A confirmation link will pop up to ensure you’re sending the right export to the right person. Click "Share this Export.”


What the recipient sees

The recipient of your export will receive an email indicating that you’ve shared a file with them. They’ll also see the title of the export, and a notice that for security purposes, the download link will expire after five days.



If the recipient clicks Accept, they’ll be taken to a secure landing page with links to download the export, including (if applicable) the load file and any associated volumes. The recipient must confirm their name and email address to activate the links. 




After the recipient enters a matching email address and clicks Submit, the links become active and the export(s) can be downloaded.


What if the links expire before my recipient can access them?

You can always resend a production if the recipient does not download it in time. Simply repeat the process above.

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