How to Resequence Documents in a Folder


Note: This option is only available to Advanced users in Discovery databases.

In some situations, you may want to change the order of documents within a folder after it has been set-up (learn about creating folders here). In your Nextpoint database, this feature is called resequencing.

To resequence documents in a folder, follow the directions below:

Important note before you begin:

In order to resequence documents in a folder, they must already have been added to the folder at-hand

For example, if you want to add two documents to your Client Production 1 folder, but want them in the middle of the folder in-line with their chronological counterparts, you must first apply the Client Production 1 folder.  The two supplemental documents will be placed at the end of the folder, and then you can follow the steps outlined below to resequence the documents to their appropriate position in your folder.

On the Review tab, select the documents you’d like to resequence and click on “Bulk Actions”.


In the Bulk Actions pop-up screen, click the Resequence option located under “Folder Actions.” Select the folder in which you want to reorder the documents, and a start number. 

The start number is the position you would like to “move” the documents to in folder’s sequencing.  For example, in the above grid view screenshot, the position of the first document in the list relative to the Prod0328 folder is 51 >> Screen_Shot_2019-07-15_at_2.42.33_PM.png

Click “Update Documents” and the documents selected will be renumbered, and the entire folder resequenced accordingly.



Please note: When choosing to resequence, selected documents will automatically be grouped by email family.

E.g. If a selected document currently has a number of #3000 in the folder sequence, and you change it to #3; the document will be renumbered (#3), it’s email family will fall into sequence directly following, and all documents in succession will be renumbered accordingly.


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