Nextpoint Security Practices


Nextpoint Security Practices


Ensuring the security and confidentiality of client data is top priority for Nextpoint. With our secure cloud infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services, we have enacted several levels of stringent security measures, from physical controls to encrypted data protection.

It’s important that all legal teams understand best practices for protecting client data. But it’s equally important that firms take the time to understand the security measures in place for the platforms they use to store client data. Understanding these measures allows you to be confident that your clients’ data is stored with a technology partner that you can trust.

To learn more about Nextpoint’s extensive security practices, please visit For now, here is an overview of our key security measures:

  • Extensive backups and disaster security precautions ensure your data is always there when you need it.
  • Nextpoint data stored by Amazon Web Services is hosted in nondescript data centers that feature extensive physical and environmental controls, such as military grade perimeter control berms and natural boundary protection.
  • All employees must complete annual security training and undergo thorough background checks as part of the Nextpoint hiring process.
  • Nextpoint conducts regular internal audits involving our operations team and Site Reliability Engineering Team. These audits center on a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as part of our ongoing commitment to building and maintaining secure applications.
  • All data access is tracked through a documentation trail. Multi-factor authentication and session timeouts further guard against unauthorized access.
  • Data is encrypted both at rest and in storage. Processing takes place on virtual machines explicitly provisioned to serve only one client per lifetime.
  • Nextpoint invests in additional technologies from Amazon Web Services to enhance data security, including CloudWatch, virtual private cloud, and Identity and Access Management.
  • Nextpoint is continuously audited to ensure our compliance with SOC II Type 2 security standards.

For tips on what your team can do to keep client data secure, check out our “Nextpoint User Security Tips” support article.

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