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Is there a page count limit for uploaded documents?

There is NO limit. Documents for upload can be any number of pages. 


How should I import batches?

Follow this link to learn how to load batches.


Do I have to load by custodian?

No, you do not.


How do I import Concordance/Summation files?

Follow this link to learn how to import documents with a load file from platforms such as Concordance or Summation.


How do I import LiveNote files?

Export your depositions as .ptf or .ptx files. Follow this link to learn how to batch load depositions.


How do I import PDFs and/or TIFFs?

  • Follow this link to learn how to upload tiffs/jpgs with a load file. 
  • This topic covers the specific considerations for PDF imports when a load file is present. 
  • Loose PDFs which are not part of a document set produced to you can be imported via our Multiple Files Import Workflow.


Is there a restriction on the size my zip files be?

We recommend not uploading any file larger than 10GB through your browser. Keeping files more compact has it's advantages;

  1. Smaller files take less time to upload, populating your data quicker while reducing the chance of a network interruption disrupting your upload.
  2. For privacy and security reasons, some of our validation cannot be conducted until your file has been completely received by our systems. By avoiding extremely large files, you lessen the time before validation can occur.

For data sets larger than 10GB, our recommendation is to utilize your Nextpoint File Room.


Upload times seem to vary, why is that?

The largest obstacle to faster uploads is your network connection. In many cases uploads will be significantly faster at work (business lines are typically larger than at home). You may also notice a small performance boost when connected to the network by wire (vs. wireless).

* Currently, Nextpoint supports Internet Explorer version 11 or later. We highly recommend switching to the most recent version of Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Why is there additional processing time after my upload completes?

When your upload has completed, our server has received your entire file. At that point, final validation is performed before your file is cataloged and stored. During your upload we display an estimate of how much additional time this will take (after the upload status bar is full).


Can I navigate away from the File Room upload screen before it completes?

No. Once an upload has started to the File Room, navigating away from the upload page will cause any progress to be lost.

If you would like to continue working, open a new browser window or tab. You can continue your work there while your file upload window continues in the background.


What are some of the common load file formats Nextpoint supports?

We currently support imports from Trial Director (.oll) and Concordance (.dat/.csv) load files, as well as the EDRM XML format.

For exports, we support .oll, .dat. .csv, .dii, .lfp, the Opticon .log format, and a Summation .csv/ascii format.

You also have the option of using our services to convert load files from other formats.

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