Restoring Documents from the Trash


In Discovery

Navigate to the REVIEW tab, and click Manage Trash at the top right. 
*Please note, the Manage Trash button will only appear if there are documents in the trash. 
Then, select the document(s) you would like to retrieve and click Restore at the top of the grid view.


In Litigation

Navigate to the DOCUMENT tab, and click the trash icon at the top right.
*Please note, the Trash icon will only appear if there are documents in the trash. 
Select the document(s) you want, and click Restore at the top of the page.
Note: The option to restore trashed documents will only be shown for the timespan applied to the database. The default time to delete the trash is 90 days.
To change this setting follow the steps below:
Navigate to SETTINGS > General and click Edit under in the Trash section. Input the days you would like to keep trashed documents in the database before being permanently deleted, and click Update.

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