Searchable Coding Fields

To search in a particular coding field, enter the name of the field, a colon, and the text.  For your reference, we've compiled a list of all the possible fields built into Nextpoint that you can search.  When you create a new custom field, you can use this same syntax to search that field.


Field Name

Search Name

Field Set Values

Search Syntax Examples

  Built-in Application Fields

 Review Status


Not Reviewed, Requires Follow-up, Responsive, Non-responsive

 review_status:"not reviewed"



 True, False, Unset

 privileged:true, privileged:false, privileged:unset




 confidentiality:"confidentiality type"



 True, False


 Bates Stamped


 True, False





 folder:"full folder name", folder:LN

 Responsive Issue



 label:"full issue name", label:LN

 Bates Number




 Bates Range



 bates:[bates000001 bates000999]





 Bates Start




 Bates End







 author:"Lastname, Firstname"

 Document Type




 document_type:"Email Attachment"




 title:"document title" 


 (maps to title field)


 title:"document title"


 (maps to title field)


 title:"document title"


 (load file image page command)


 Page Count



 Document Date



 document_date:2007-07-13 (docs with this date)

 document_date:<2007-07-13  (docs before this date)

 document_date:>=2007-07-13 (docs on or after this date)

 document_date:[2007-07-13 2007-09-04] (docs between these dates)

 document_date:july 13, 2007  

 document_date:<july 13, 2007  

 document_date:>=july 13, 2007 

 Custom Fields (metadata that can be added, removed or modified by users in Settings):

Custom Field Range



 custom_field_name:[10 20] *We currently support numeric custom field range searches bounded in square brackets only

 Email Date/Time 



 email_datetime:"Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:23:12"

 Mailbox Custodian



 mailbox_custodian:"Lastname, Firstname"

 Author / From

 Recipients / To





 Mailbox Path



 mailbox_path:"Company/Chicago Office/Personal Folders/Inbox"

 Mailbox File






 Nextpoint System Data (metadata automatically applied to all documents, static/unable to be modified):

 Nextpoint Import Batch #





 Nextpoint Import Batch # Range




 batch:[1 5]

 Nextpoint Document ID




 Nextpoint Document ID  Range



 id:[312 400]

 Extracted Metadata Fields (metadata automatically extracted from files, when available):

 Password Protected

 extracted_metadata:password_protected  True, False 




 extracted_metadata:title:"Document Title"

 Creation Date


 extracted_metadata:creation_date:"Thu, Oct 17 13:23:12 2002"


 extracted_metadata:encrypted  True, False



 extracted_metadata:collection  True, False


 File Size


 Width PTS





 extracted_metadata:producer:"Lastname, Firstname"



 extracted_metadata:author:"Lastname, Firstname"

 Page Size


 extracted_metadata:page_size:"622.08 x 792 pts"









 extracted_metadata:creator:"Lastname, Firstname"

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