How Do I Add Coding to Documents in Review?


This functionality is available for Advanced and Standard users only.

There are two ways you can add coding to a document when working in review.  The first, at an individual level, and the second, en masse via a bulk action.  Let's take a closer look at each.

Add Information to One Document

When you are viewing an individual document, coding information is available in two areas:

In the Coding Fields section, you will find Review Status, Privilege Status, and Confidentiality along with any Hot Coding fields that have been set up. Make your changes, then click Update to save.


The rest of the coding fields can be modified by expanding the Additional Coding Fields section. Just make your  changes, then click Update to save, or Update & Next to save and move on to the next document in your list. 



Add Information to Multiple Documents

Perform a search or click into the folder to select the documents you would like to add. Select the checkboxes to the left of the documents you would like to edit and click "Bulk Actions".

bulk_action_after_a_search.pngThe Bulk Edit window will open, where you can choose which data to edit. If you would like to include documents from email chains, email families or duplicates, click the appropriate checkboxes at the top (more information on these options here).

Click "Update Documents" and the changes will be made.

Your Review database should display the following Bulk Edit options (some options may not display if they have not been determined in Settings):



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