Work Product Management Using the Share Section


Version Control, Best Practices, FAQ's on Uploading Files

Never again question the location or the status of your latest version. Keep your work product in the Share section, accurately identified with the date and time.

Allow members of your team, in any location, to view and comment on presentations while they're working through their iterations.

Old versions are saved in the event you need to reference them again.

Upload your presentation by navigating to SHARE in the navigation bar and click the "Share a File" button.


  1. Drag and Drop your file or choose your file from File Room.
  2. Give it a Name, Category, Description, any Version Notes you might have.
  3. If you would like to notify members of your team that a new version is available, click the box to Send An Email Notification, enter Text For Email and Select Recipients if you wish.
  4. Click "Share a File", and your recipients will receive and email notification with a hyperlink to the new version when it is ready.

When you have the next version ready to share for review, navigate to the SHARE tab and press share a new version. Advanced Users can also Edit the name of the file and Delete them if necessary.

For more information on uploading to Share, click here.

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