Creating Folders in Review


*This functionality is available for Advanced users only.

There are several ways to create a folder in Nextpoint.

1. If no folders are set-up in your database, you will have the option to create a folder by selecting the REVIEW tab and clicking "Create Folder". Following this step, you will be taken to a screen to create a new folder.


2. If there are already folders set up in your database, and you would like to another, at the top of the home page select SETTINGS > Folders, then click "Create New".



Choose a Name and Abbreviation for your Folder, assign a color, and click "Create".


Users with Reviewer accounts can only access documents in Folders that they have been assigned to.

To assign, un-assign, inactivate or delete users, click the box next to the Folder you would like to edit and select "Bulk Actions"This is also the process you would use when un-assigning users, and inactivating or deleting folders.



Select the box next to the users you would like to assign and click "Assign".



If you would like to edit a folder, click "Edit" to make your changes.



There is no limit to the number of Folders you can create. Check out our blog post about this.


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