Build Folders Keeping Email Families Together


Often you may want to build folders, keeping all emails, replies, forwards, and attachments together. If you search by keywords to build your folders, you may end up having the same document in multiple folders, use the following steps to place email chains into only one folder each.

  1. Create folder labels for each search term
  2. Create a custom field called "Folders," make it a List field with a single possible value of "Yes"
  3. Run your search term(s), and select all the resulting documents and perform a bulk edit to add them to the commensurate folder  Folder_2__1_.png
  4. To ensure that all attachments and documents in the email chains, even if they don’t have the search term, at the bottom in the Update documents section, be sure to choose the following:
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all search terms. At this point, documents may be in multiple subreviews if they are in a chain that has hit on multiple search terms. Now you will remove the docs from extra subreviews so that each doc is in only one subreview.
  6. Run a Filter Search for Subreview #1
  7. Perform a Bulk Edit on these docs. In the Tag and Custom Fields section, open the Alter Custom Field Value, choose “Folders” and change the value to “Yes”
    At the bottom in the Update documents section, keep “In their current order” selected
  8. Next run a Filter Search for "Laura's Review", “Folders” Yes
  9. Next run a Filter Search for Laura's Review (giving you the remaining docs that are only in Laura's Review, and perform a Bulk Edit to change the “Folders” value to “Yes”
  10. Repeat steps 6-8 for the remaining folders to remove documents that are already assigned, so the result will be that each document is in a single folder

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