Working with Video Depositions in Prep


Upload Deposition Transcripts

Follow this link to learn how to upload your depositions in detail. To summarize the instructions, click on the TRANSCRIPTS tab, then click the "Import Transcripts" button. 

If the deposition file resides on your local drive, select "Add File From Computer" to your deposition (or .zip file if uploading multiple depositions). If it has previously been uploaded to your File Room, select "Add File From File Room".

We accept ASCII, PTF, PTX, PDF, LEF, or CMS filetypes.


Upload the Sync File

Navigate to the DEPOSITIONS tab and click on the deposition you uploaded (highlighted in blue).

In the upper right, click on More OptionsEdit.


In Video Sync Info, click on Import Deposition.


Drag and Drop your sync file or choose from the File Room (we accept dvt/xml, cms, sbf, vid, or svi sync files) and click Import Deposition.



Upload the Videos

To upload your video, click on the DEPOSITIONS tab and click on your desired deponent. In the upper right, click on More Options > Edit.


In the Video Info section, click Import Video.


Drag and Drop your video or "Add File From File Room" (we accept mpg, mpeg, mov, mp4, avi, or wmv files) and click "Import Video".


When your video finishes processing, you'll see the Theater icon next to your Deposition, Theater_icon.png.


Designating Testimony, follow this link.


Watch Full Screen Video Clips in Theater, follow this link.


Watch Video Clips While Reading the Deposition Text

From the Designations box on the right side of the page, browse and Choose a Folder or Issue from the dropdown. From the dropdown options, choose one of the Folders that has an * next to it (* indicates active designations).

Click on the play icon Play.png next to the video designation you'd like to view and your video will start playing in the window in the upper right corner. Click on the notes icon Notes_icon.png to add important information regarding the specific clip. Click the delete icon Delete_icon.png next to a designation to delete it.



Manual Linking Deposition Exhibits in Bulk

Note: the Deposition needs to be loaded before you can link documents to it.

Search for the documents to be linked to the relation and check Check.png the box next to those documents - or Select: All if all of the documents on the page should be linked.

Click  Bulkd_actions_and_edit.png

In the next window (see image below), select Apply/Update Relation, choose your Relation and press Update Documents.


You may now view these documents from 2 places.

In the DOCUMENTS tab, use the Filter on the right to pull up a specific set of deposition exhibits by the relations name.

In the DEPOSITIONS tab, click the link next to their name. In the example below, there are 2 documents associated with this deposition.


Manual Linking Single Documents

You can manually link documents to a deposition while you're viewing them.

On the right side of the page in the Designations & Relations box (see image below), click Deponents, then click the green dot next to the desired deponent. Note: the deponent's Deposition needs to be loaded first in order to link the documents.


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