Importing Proceeding Transcripts


Nextpoint's Proceedings section allows lawyers to group transcripts together, by category, so that groups of transcripts are always organized, searchable and easy to navigate.

Import a Proceeding Transcript, or Upload Multiple Transcripts At A Time

Click on the PROCEEDINGS tab.

Click Import Files.


Prep accepts ASCII, PTF, PTX, PDF, LEF, CMS, or ZIP formats for your transcript. 

If the transcript file resides on your local drive, select Add File From Computer to (or .zip file if uploading multiple transcripts). If it has previously been uploaded to your case folder, select Add File From File Room. For more information on File Room, click here.

Click "Import Proceedings".


* if uploading multiple transcripts and you have a corresponding load file/index, please contact the Nextpoint Engagement team for support on associating that information with your transcripts.

Edit Your Transcripts

After your transcripts have finished processing, Advanced and Standard users can edit the deposition date, volume number and start page by clicking on More Options > Edit in the upper right side of the page.



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