Creating a Custom Coding Field in Prep


* This functionality is available for Advanced and Standard users only.

Nextpoint Prep has several standard coding fields, such as Author & Document Date, present when your case is first created. You may want to create more fields to allow you to import the metadata from a legacy database, or just to help you get a better handle on your documents. You can create as many as you need, here's how:

At the top of the home page click MORE > Settings.



Click to view the Coding tab, and under the Custom Coding section click "Create New".



Choose a Title for your coding field, and select the Input Type - there is a brief description of each kind. To learn more about Input Types, click here.

When you are all set, click "Create".


If you choose to make the field a List, Locked List, or Picklist, you will be able to enter values. Enter a value, then click "Add". To remove a value, click Nextpoint - Review Sandbox-20.jpg. When you have entered all values, click "Done/Close".


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