Displaying Documents in Theater


If your courtroom is equipped with an Internet connection, you can use Theater to present and annotate your documents.

Displaying Documents in Theater

Theater is a separate window that is launched from Litigation. The best way to present in Theater is to have a dual monitor setup, with your screen extended. This allows you to search for documents on your Primary Monitor, which only you can see, and display them on your Secondary Monitor, which will also display to the court.

You can either click on a Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex-9.jpg icon for a document to display it in Theater, or enter the Exhibit Number in Theater itself to pull up the document. 


Creating Treatments in Theater

Use the hints below to create treatments in Theater.


Saving Treatments in Theater

For an especially efficient presentation, pre-treat your trial exhibits prior to displaying them in court.

Create your callouts and highlights.

Type "s" to open the following dialogue box. You can save your treatment to an Issue (great for witness prep), a Folder or None. Click "Save", and your treatment will be available for recall. 


Recalling Saved Treatments

To view the saved treatments in Theater, click "saved treatments" to see the thumbnails of your treatments.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open the saved treatment.
You can also simply type the number of the saved treatment to recall it in Theater.

For more information on creating document treatments, check out Creating Document Treatments in Theater.


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