Linking Exhibits to a Deposition


Nextpoint Prep allows you to link exhibits to depositions in two ways.

You can relate a document to a deposition, and once a document is related to a deposition, you can create hyperlinks to it.


Relating an Existing Document to a Deposition

When viewing a document, go to the Related Depositions section, so see the available depos. After you click on the Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex.jpgto add relate the document to this depo, a Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex-1.jpg will now indicate that they are related.


When viewing the deposition, you will see the document listed in the Related Documents section.


Hyperlink a Document in a Deposition

After you have related a document to a deposition, you can add hyperlinks for quick access when viewing the deposition. Click on the Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex-6.jpg button to open the edit window. Enter the Names you would like to create hyperlinks for, then click Make Edits.


The Document Names will now appear as hyperlinks within the deposition, clicking on them will open the document in a new tab of your browser.



Relating a New Document to a Deposition

If you want to add a new document to a deposition, click "Import Related Document" in the related documents section of the deposition.

A new window will prompt you to give enter a Title and Shortcut for the document, as well as any Link names that will become hyperlinks in the deposition. Drag and Drop the document file, and click "Import Related Document".


Using Related/Linked documents in a deposition

1. Click on the document name to jump to database of it in the depo transcript (when hyperlinked).
2. Add or Edit hyperlinking to the document, or delete the relation.
3. Open the document in a new tab of your browser.
4. View a list of all the related documents in a new tab of your browser.
5. Import a new document to relate to the deposition.


For more information on working with depositions, click here.


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