How to Create Endorsement Templates


Create reusable templates for marking up images with Bates numbers, Confidentiality endorsements, or any additional endorsements.

Accessed from SETTINGS > Export/Exchange > Create New, an endorsement template defines how images will be marked as part of an export, as well as defining where native placeholders should be generated.

A native placeholder is a single-page image referencing an original native file. Native placeholders receive a single number in the endorsement process regardless of the page count of the original file.

NOTE: In Litigation, these same settings can be found via More > SETTINGS > Export/Exchange


  1. Naming: Simply name your template. We recommend a name that will be descriptive of the template's further use. 
  2. Numbering Pattern: Define a prefix (e.g. your Bates prefix) and the next number you would like assigned/stamped when this template is utilized.
  3. Numbering Exceptions: Specify file extensions and/or patterns that should receive native placeholders instead of individual images for each page.  By default, every template includes .xl*, .ppt*, .csv*. 

    For example:
    Adding “xl*” (any xls, xlt, xlsx, etc) will create a native placeholder image with a single Bates stamp for any excel file extension, instead of one Bates per page of that document.

    Note: Documents without associated images automatically receive native placeholders.

  4. Endorsement Placement:  Select where on each page you would like your Bates and Confidentiality endorsements to appear.  All left, center, right positions are along the lower edge of your documents.  Use the "Preview" link to see what your endorsements will look like.  
  5. Additional Endorsements: Use this field to input any custom/additional endorsements you wish to make with the particular template. Add as many as needed.  Example of where additional endorsements appear on a document is illustrated below.

    It is important to note, we recommend against inputting your confidential language in this section, and instead use the Confidential coding available in your document coding panel and/or via bulk actions (in Discovery).  Doing so will allow you to apply confidential coding more individually to your documents and more efficiently search and filter for that confidential coding.  The confidentiality reasons can be customized under SETTINGS > Coding > Confidentiality.  


  6. Save your new endorsement template and reuse as needed in your case.


Click here for information on how to apply your endorsement template to documents.

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