How to Create Endorsement Templates


Create reusable templates for marking up images. Accessed from SETTINGS > Export/Exchange tab and click "Create New"

Note: In Prep, these same settings can be found via More > SETTINGS > Export/Exchange.

An endorsement template defines how images will be marked as part of a export, as well as defining where native placeholders should be generated.

A native placeholder is a single-page image referencing an original native file. Native placeholders receive a single number in the endorsement process regardless of the page count of the original file.  

  1. Naming: Simply name your template. We recommend a name that will be descriptive of the template's further use. 
  2. Numbering Pattern: Define a numbering pattern (e.g. Bates).
  3. Numbering Exceptions: Specify file extensions and/or patterns that should receive native placeholders instead of individual images for each page.

    For example:
    Adding “xl*” (any xls, xlt, xlsx, etc) will create a native placeholder image with a single Bates stamp, instead of one Bates per page of that document.

    Note: Documents without associated images automatically receive native placeholders.

  4. Additional Endorsements: Use this field to input any custom/additional endorsements you wish to make with the particular template. Add as many as needed.

Save your new endorsement template and reuse as needed in your case.

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