Why We’re Expanding Our User Profiles

Next week, new Nextpoint users must provide a brief series of onboarding details to access the software. We’re doing this for two main reasons:

  • To further enhance security and deter unauthorized use of Nextpoint
  • To tailor your learning experience to the way you use our software


Security Benefits

Letting us know who you are and how you plan to use Nextpoint makes it easier for us to contact the right people in the event that an unauthorized person attempts to access one of your user accounts.

This information also helps us deliver more informative audit trails and access logs for each user’s activity in Nextpoint. This can be crucial if a user’s activity must later be investigated internally.


Support Benefits

When you create a new Nextpoint user account, you can opt in to receive occasional emails that explain how you can use a particular Nextpoint feature to save time, organize your tasks more effectively and work more efficiently with the software. If we know your job role, we’ll be able to restrict these emails to topics that similar Nextpoint users have found useful, so we won’t waste your time with irrelevant tips.

Knowing your role also saves time on Client Success tickets, which should ultimately reduce your bills for any litigation support work you request.



Any time we make changes to Nextpoint, we’re always happy to talk them over. Please send questions or concerns to or call 888.929.NEXT.

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