How to Redact


Where is the redaction tool located?

When viewing the document itself, click on the Markup tool in the Viewer Tools section.


This will open the Markup Tools interface on the right-hand side:


Redaction Types

  • Partial Page - For when you would like to redact words, phrases, or sections of a document.
    • How to Apply: Click and drag to create a redaction box where you want to hide information. Then, click the Redact button and provide a reason, style, and optional note. You can add more redaction boxes by clicking and dragging again.
  • Full Page - For when you would like entire pages of redacted from a document.
    1. Note: This option will default to Current Page Only unless you select the Range option. Using the Range option allows you to provide a comma delimited list of ranges (ex: 1,3,5-9,25)
  • Full Document - For when you would like to redact an entire document


  • How to zoom in for redactions?
    • When the Markup Tools interface is open, you will see an option named Toggle Zoom above the document on the right-side. Selecting this button will add a zoom feature to your cursor. 

toggle zoom.png

  • How to view redactions?
    • Once you have highlighted or redacted your document you can find the redactions listed in two places:
      • When the Markup Tools interface is open, you can find redactions listed at the bottom:


    • Outside of the Markup Tool interface, you can find a history of redactions by expanding the Annotations section on the right-hand side:


    • You can also toggle your markups on/off via the toggle markups icon in your document Viewer Tools.


  • How to remove redactions?
    • Redactions can be removed from the Annotations section, or from the Markup Tools interface by selecting minus.pngsymbol next to the redaction.

What happens to redacted text?

Once a redaction markup has been applied, anytime that document is exported, the redaction will be in place on the image and the underlying redacted search text removed from any provided text files.

If you are providing a metadata load file with your export, it is recommended you review your export closely for any redacted fields such as author, recipient, email subject, etc. If those fields have been redacted on the images/text, they will need to be manually removed from your metadata load file.

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