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In Data Mining, your data can not only be searched for keywords, but it can also be sliced to combine complex file filters and parameters with your searches so that you can pull out very specific data sets for your review.

Slice Builder

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  • In the "Slice" tab, you can access a number of options to build your slice: 
    Name your slice (1).
  • Select from the "Slice Field" options below the editor (2).
  • Select the specific criterion within that slice field to add to your slice (3).
  • Apply a date restriction (4) filter (if applicable). Note that the date restriction is slice field specific. If you apply a data restriction to one part of your slice but use "OR" connectors, it is possible that your resulting data set will include files outside your data range. 
  • Click on the "Add to Slice" button at the bottom of your "Slice Fields" chart.
  • Add additional slice field options as necessary. 
  • Adjust your connectors (6) to fit the specific needs of your data set. Note that all connectors inside each grouping must be identical. Mixing AND, OR, and NOT connectors within the same slice grouping separated by parentheses could result in unpredictable and inconsistent results.
  • When your slice is ready, click on the "Create" button to slice your data set.

Saved Slices

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Once you create a slice, it saves to your "Saved Slices" (1) and then calculates your results. The time this processing takes depends on the number of documents in your database, but when it finishes running, you can view the file count of specific hits and the family count of your hits (2) including their full families. If you want to review the specific syntax of a slice, click on the name of the slice (3). 


Slice Troubleshooting

As your slices become increasingly complex, the connector restrictions described above may limit your ability to isolate a specific data set. In these cases (specifically if you need to mix connectors but cannot adjust the slice builder to fit your needs), try breaking your slice into separate slices. For example, let's say want to include all hits from a specific search group OR all spreadsheets from a specific custodian in the same slice. You may want your slice to look something like:

(Search Group:"2-9-24 set") OR ((file_type:xl* OR file_type:csv) AND (custodian:"Benjamin Rogers"))

The current iteration of the slice builder cannot use double parentheses or different connectors within the same group. To run this search you need to create 2 slices. First slice:

(file_type:xl* OR file_type:csv) AND (custodian:"Benjamin Rogers") 

Then run that slice OR your search group to create your final slice:

(Search Group:"2-9-24 set") OR (Slice:"Rogers Spreadsheets")

If you need help creating searches or slices to meet your needs, reach out to for support. 

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