FAQ: How do I folder emails in chronological order and maintain family relationships?



How do I folder emails in chronological order and maintain family relationships?


There are several reasons that you may want to review a data set in chronological order. It is also common practice to order document families in "date and family" order before stamping and producing them as it prevents import and family linking errors and aides in review. 

Nextpoint makes it easy to organize your data in chronological order.  To do so, use the "Bulk Actions" functionality to edit and sort your documents en masse.  Here's how:

  1. Create a new folder in the REVIEW tab.  You can also create a folder in the Bulk Action pop up in Step 4. 
  2. Navigate to the REVIEW tab and start building a search based on the criteria you are looking for.  For example, if you want to folder a particular import batch, start with batch:##.  


  3. Once you have returned the desired results, initiate the process of adding documents to your folder by clicking "Bulk Actions" at the top-left of your screen.
  4. In the Bulk Actions pop-up, you'll want to click "Folder Actions/Add" and select your newly created folder.
  5. At the bottom of your pop-up, select "Apply update to related documents:Email Family".  This selection will add related family members to the selected set prior to updating.  This means, if an email is included in selection, all attachments will be added, and if an attachment included in selection, the corresponding email will be added.
  6. Next, select Sort Order:"Date & Family" at the bottom of your pop-up.  This selection will order documents chronologically by their master family date, which is considered to be the date of the parent email.  This date will then be assumed by all email family members when sorting, even if that parent email is NOT in your selected document list.


  7. Lastly, click Update.  Once you do this, your documents will be sorted by date and email family in your newly created folder.


How do I remove my documents from a folder with Bulk Actions?

If you need to remove documents from a folder, first, click into the folder from your REVIEW or DOCUMENTS tab (if you are working in Discovery vs. Litigation, respectively). 


Then, select all documents from the grid view and click "Bulk Actions".


Click "Remove" under the "Folder" heading in your Bulk Actions modal.  Make sure to select the appropriate folder from which you would like to remove your documents.

Lastly, click the orange "Update" button.  No related documents selection is necessary when removing documents from a folder.


If the documents were removed from the folder successfully, the folder should display zero documents from the REVIEW or DOCUMENTS tab. 

Note:  When removing documents from a folder, the actions you are taking will not remove/trash the documents from your database.


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