FAQ: The date printed on my document is today's date. Why?



I am viewing a document in Nextpoint, and the date shown printed on the face of the document is either a) today's date OR b) the date it was downloaded to my computer before I uploaded to Nextpoint.  I downloaded the original/native file and can see the original date intact.  Why is the date changing when I import to Nextpoint?


This document was more than likely set up as a word/document template that populates the image with the current date.  We have seen that most eDiscovery softwares will image with the current date since this is how the original word document was created. 

If you want to re-image this, you can download the original, change the date, print to pdf and re-upload the image to replace the existing image. For further information on how to replace individual pages of a document in Nextpoint, please see our help center topic linked here.

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