How to Import in Prep


When working in Nextpoint Prep, users can import DOCUMENTS in three different ways - Drag & drop, utilize the File Room or ask the Nextpoint Services team to assist.   You can also import transcripts when working in Prep, but such imports will take place under the transcripts respective tab in the main Prep navigation (DEPONENTS and/or PROCEEDINGS).

Before moving forward with any of the below-mentioned import methods, users should set and/or verify their deduplication settings as deduplication happens upon import.  While deduplication may not be nearly as applicable with produced data as it is with native data (and perhaps something you want to disable), it is still extremely important to consider prior to bringing new data into your database.


Drag & Drop Imports File Room Imports Transcript Imports

When to Import Via Drag & Drop

The Drag & Drop Import functionality is useful when you need to import an individual file, pst, mbox, or zip (e.g. a zip file of exhibits received from a court reporter which correlate to a particular deponent transcript << see Transcript Imports tab above).

To import via Drag & Drop, take the following steps:

  1. Click MORE > DATA > Imports > Select the blue "Import Files" button

  2. Drag & Drop your file to the designated section on the import screen OR click "Add File From Computer" to search for the file locally.


    Note: Only one file can be loaded at a time (individual file, pst, mbox, or zip).  If you have a group of files, create a .zip folder to upload.

  3. Name your batch (recommended), assign or select a Custodian (if applicable), confirm your Deduplication settings, and click “Import Files”.


  4. Upon completion of processing, you will receive an email notification with the details of your import and any potential processing anomalies. Further information on possible warnings and their solutions can be found here.

    You may also access the batch details by clicking MORE > Data > Imports > and the name of the batch.




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