Produced Data Import Required Specifications


Outlined below are required considerations for produced data imports, specifically those which utilize a load file.

Nextpoint Required Specifications
Load file in CSV or DAT formats
Preferred production format includes PDFs, any included natives, and text files named by starting bates number, and a CSV delimited load file with proper relative pathing to PDFs, native and text files.
Single page TIFF/JPG files with load files are also accepted but may increase load file complexity and import times.
Load file paths included and accurate as to the location of images, natives, and text files. Paths must be located relative to where the load file resides. Paths should not include starting periods or ending slashes.
Text files contain page breaks and are encoded as UTF-8 or ASCII.
Replace special characters and spaces in field headers with underscores.
Field headers are NOT case sensitive.


See more information on the steps to handle a produced data with load file import here >>


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