Release Preview: Bulk Edit Updates


Updated: November 19, 2019

Nextpoint is making bulk editing and sorting options more powerful than ever before.

In the coming days, Nextpoint will release exciting updates to our "Bulk Actions" interface. This will improve some existing workflows, so we want to make you aware of the changes before they are released. 

Our pending Bulk Edit updates include:

  • Updated interface for bulk editing documents
  • Your selection of related documents and sort order will now be split into two separate selections
  • NEW sorting option - Chronological by Master Email Family Date

We look forward to releasing this simplified and more intuitive bulk edit interface, as well as adding the new option to sort by "master email family date". The latter will eliminate multiple steps for ordering documents in folders when setting up review folders, organizing documents for production, and more use-cases.  

*Available to Advanced and Standard User Permissions

Before and After

Following are illustrations of the changes you can expect to see before and after the Bulk Edit Updates are released:

Note: All changes illustrated below take place in the Bulk Edit pop-up window. You can navigate to this pop-up by navigating to any Grid View results, selecting some or all of the documents via the top-left drop-down, and clicking Bulk Action.

Simplified Text

The first change you will notice when you open the Bulk Edit Window, are some slight text changes.  We updated the text labels with an aim to keep the interface simple and understandable for our users.


*Click on the image in order to zoom in. 


Separate Actions for Including Additional Documents and/or Sort Order

The next change separates the actions of selecting which related documents, if any, you will add to your bulk update, and then how you will order those documents.

With the upcoming release, options for updating related documents (email family, email chain, duplicates) will only appear after selecting the bulk action you would like to execute. Subsequently, the option of a particular sort order will only appear if you choose to add to a folder or issue (prep only).


Let's take a closer look at the varying selections you can make when you make a bulk edit.

Update (only) Selected Documents in their Current Order

Below, you can see how you would previously choose to bulk edit your document list without adding related documents, and also without changing their (sort) order. 

We further illustrate how the same selection will look in the updated interface.


*Click on the image in order to zoom in.

Update (only) Selected Documents in Email Family Order

In this next example, you can see how you would previously add documents to a folder, grouping emails and attachments together that are already in the document list. 

Now, you will be asked to confirm that you would not like to add any additional documents before choosing to sort in (email) Family order.


*Click on the image in order to zoom in.

Update Selected Documents, their Related Documents, and Sort in Email Family Order

The last example of our existing Bulk Edit workflows is to make a bulk edit to the documents in your selection AND also update related documents (typically, email family members). 

Below, we've illustrated how you would  previously add your selected documents to a folder, including any associated emails and their attachments, and grouped in email family order. 

This will remain an option after the update, but after selecting the action to add your selected documents to a folder, you will first select which documents you would like to include (email family member, email chain members, or duplicate), and then select your sort order. 


*Click on the image in order to zoom in.

Want to sort email families by date?  Don't miss the details on our NEW sorting option - Chronological by Master Email Family Date, at the end.


NEW: Update Selected Documents, their Related Documents, and in Chronological Order

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to inform you of the new “date & family” ordering option.

This option will order documents chronologically by their master family date, which is considered to be the date of the parent email.  This date will then be assumed by all email family members when sorting, even if that parent email is NOT in your selected document list.


 *Click on the image in order to zoom in.

We anticipate this release to make organizing your documents in Nextpoint easier than ever, and we look forward to releasing to you.  We will provide you with an updated in-app notification when this update is live.

Questions?  Contact our product support team at

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