How do I import document-level PDF images produced to me?


If you Receive a Produced Data Set Containing Only PDF Images

If you are provided document-level images in a produced data set (e.g. PDFs), you must add a column to your load file titled image_file.  The most logical point in time to add this information to your load file is when you reach "Step 3 / Load File Configuration / Document Boundaries" in our instructions covering, How to Import Produced Data.

After you add the image_file column to your load file, you must then populate the cells below with the appropriate files' relative path information.

If you are not provided the aforementioned information by the producing party, you can reference this topic on creating a list of files and their file paths.


  • You open your main production folder, UHC_PROD001. 
  • When checking the IMAGES folder, you find document-level PDFs named by their Bates start (e.g. UHC00001.pdf, UHC00004.pdf, UHC00008.pdf, UHC00009.pdf, etc...)

  • In your load file, add an empty column, and title it image_file
  • Then, populate a directory listing of your IMAGES folder using the instructions linked here
  • Copy and paste the files' relative paths in your newly created image_file column



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