FAQ: How do I resolve endorsement errors?



I received a notification that there was an error in my endorsement request.  What causes and endorsement error and how can I resolve?


While errors during endorsement are extremely rare, it is possible.  Most commonly, errors are due to an issue with a document's image which prevents Nextpoint from making edits to it.  In other cases, there may be a network error which will cause errors with stamping, but this is even more rare than the aforementioned image issue. 
If you receive an email stating there was an error with your endorsement request, we first recommend reviewing the results to associate with where the stamping is incomplete. 
Tip:  Make sure you add Bates Numbers to your Grid View so you can see the Endorsement/Bates sequencing at a glance.
Then, because it is typically a systemic issue with the data, we recommend contacting our support team at support@nextpoint.com to evaluate where the issue occurred and to advise on the best course to reach a resolution.
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