NEW FEATURE UPDATE (03/2022) - SEC Export Template


SEC Export Template

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has a set of Data Delivery Standards to which participating parties must adhere when sharing electronic document productions.  To aide in productions needing to meet these requirements, we have added default SEC Export and Load File Templates to all databases created after March 1, 2022.  These new template options provide users with immediate access to production protocols which are in accordance with 2021 Data Delivery Standards, including but not limited to, Image, Text, Native and Load File inclusion, Load File metadata fields, and production export settings of 2,000 pages/volume.  These changes will not only simplify the production process, but also decrease the risks of inconsistency in production deliverables.

Users can locate, review, and, if necessary, edit the new templates within Settings > Export/Exchange in the following sections by selecting the "Edit" option next to the "SEC Data Delivery Template":



To run an export of Bates-stamped documents using these templates, select the hamburger menu next to the folder you would like to export and select "Export."


Then name your production appropriately, select the "SEC Data Delivery Template," in the Export Template drop-down, and click on the grey "Export" button. 


The SEC export and load file templates will be available only in new databases created after March 1, 2022. If you need assistance creating these templates in an existing database, please reach out to

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