NEW FEATURE UPDATE (03/2022) - The "Account Services" tab in the Account Dashboard


Nextpoint offers a suite of services to our client base, ranging from customized product training to assistance with client data manipulation. In an effort to provide additional visibility to clients for services they’ve been billed for, we have added an Account Services page to the Account Dashboard.  On this page, account administrators can view all of the details associated with services performed on their account. Details include type of service, hours spent, rate at which the account was billed, and total cost of service.  Users can search and filter each of the columns of data in this view to sort and filter the page contents.  Users can also export summary reports directly from the page.


To access the Account Services page navigate to your account dashboard by clicking on the dropdown next to your account name and selecting "Manage Account."


From there, select the "Account Services" tab.


Here you will find an up-to-date overview of your account including your next billing date, the total service hours accrued in this account to date, and total cost of your billable services. 


From the grid view, you can find each of the line item time entries billed to this account in the current month. Within this view, you can:

  1. Sort any of the columns;
  2. Filter any of the columns for specific values;
  3. Export a Summary Report of the items currently in your view to a csv file.


Additionally, you can click on the activity category for a more detailed description of each time entry.


These features allow you to determine the cost-to-date of your Nextpoint projects and specific services performed on your behalf.

Please note that the account services tab is for reference only and final invoices may differ from what is displayed on this page. You should always reference invoices for finalized billing details.

For any questions regarding your account services, please reach out to

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