NEW FEATURE UPDATE (06/2022) - Updates to Search Hit Highlight Processing



The release of search hit highlighting as a new document viewer mode gives Nextpoint users the ability to see direct placement of their search terms within a document ("PDF search highlights").  To achieve this, an additional PDF file needed to be generated on each document within a database at the time of processing.  This additional step can add a significant amount of time to the completion of large imports, depending on the final page/image counts of the imported documents. 

As of June 28, 2022, we separated the other import stages from the PDF processing phase so that Nextpoint users can have normal access to their newly imported documents as soon as possible, allowing for searching/coding/foldering/tagging while the PDF processing phase is completing. 

On the import batch list, there is now a second checkbox that will indicate that your import is complete:


A green checkmark under the image icon (1) indicates that the documents have been imported, OCR'ed, and imaged. At that point, you may run database level searches on the documents, run bulk or document level actions, folder the documents, and review them. The only feature that will be unavailable until the green checkbox appears in the column underneath the pdf column (2) will be document level PDF search hit highlights. As soon as the import process outside of PDF processing is complete, the import batch status (3) will change to "complete."

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