Finding My AWS s3 Credentials


Your Nextpoint Database's File Room storage is actually housed in an Amazon s3 bucket, with unique and confidential keys that allow you to access it through other programs and platforms including the AWS CLI tool, Cloudberry, and Transmit. These keys can also be used to link your File Room to our Data Mining tool without needing to manually transfer all of your files. 

To connect to your File Room's s3 location, you can find the access information under "Settings" (or in a Litigation database "More" > "Settings") > "Import" and in the "File Room" section. 


In each new database your s3 credentials need to be set by Nextpoint's support team. Please reach out to with your database ID and request that your s3 credentials are set. 

From here, simply copy and paste your Access key id, Secret access key, and (if necessary) your File Room path to the tool you would like to link to your File Room. Please note that these credentials are highly sensitive. Anyone with access to them could access, copy, alter, or delete the data in your File Room without additional login information. Keep this information strictly confidential. 

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