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You can use Theater in Nextpoint Litigation to create document callouts and highlights.  Using Nextpoint Theater, you are able to pull out particular sections of documents and highlight or underline key text. You can select multiple sections of a document and the tool will resize the text boxes. These documents can be shown through Nextpoint Theater to your audience or downloaded to be used in any off-line presentation tool.

How to access Theater

1. Open Theater from the main documents page

Go to MORE > Theater to launch a blank Theater window.



2. Open Theater when viewing search results

In grid view, click the Screen_Shot_2017-03-24_at_12.20.34_PM.png and press the Theater iconClick Here to Open in Theater to view it in Theater.  In the alternative, you can make sure the Theater icon is included in your Grid View Template and click on the icon to open up theater.



When in the Chron view, click the Theater icon Click Here to Open in Theater next to a document to view it in Theater.



3) Open Theater when viewing a document

Go to Document options > View in Theater to launch a Theater window.



Creating Treatments in Theater

Creating a treatment begins in Theater with simple click, drag, and drop of your cursor to callout a section of the document.  From here, you can further drag and drop your cursor to create highlight treatments, or hold shift + drag and drop in order to create a red underline.

Any treatments you create can be later saved, downloaded, recalled for presentation and/or exported in bulk.

Pro Tip: Use the hints from the image below and the provided keyboard shortcuts to create treatments in Theater.  Any keyboard shortcuts listed below are also available via the question mark (?) drop-down when in Theater.

Document Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Shift Create an underline
W Create a whiteout box
n, > Go to next page
p, < Go to previous page
f Find by designation (e.g. CEX-10)
j Jump to specific page
s Save the current document treatment
1-0 Load a saved document treatment
z, u Undo a callout/highlight
Z, y Redo a callout/highlight
c Clear all callouts
r Reveal all callouts
d Normal Resolution
D Higher Resolution
Esc Close the document/Clear a Screen
? Show/hide help
Shift + left or right arrow Rotate image


Saving Treatments in Theater

To save your treatment, type "s" after creating the treatment to open the dialogue box shown below. You can save your treatment to an Issue, Folder (great for witness prep), or None.

Click Save, and your treatment will be available for recall.



Recalling Saved Treatments

While in Theater

To view the saved treatments in Theater, click "saved treatments" to see the thumbnails of your treatments.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open the saved treatment. You can also simply type the number of the saved treatment to recall it in Theater.



While viewing an individual document

You can also recall a saved treatment when you are viewing an individual document.

  1. While viewing a document, click Document options > Saved treatments to open up a list of thumbnails of saved treatments.


  2. Click on a treatment thumbnail to launch it in Theater.
  3. Click the mceclip4.png to delete a treatment.
  4. If you don't see a newly saved treatment, click the mceclip1.pngto refresh the list.



Export Saved Treatments

When viewing search results

From any grid view list of results, click OPEN FILTERS and drop down the Work Product section.  Once open, scroll to the section titled Treatment Label and select All Treatments, or only a certain folder or issue for which you would like to export treatments (e.g. John Smith Depo Prep).


From DOCUMENTS tab in Litigation



Return to Litigation Workflow

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