Nextpoint Litigation Workflow


This is a typical workflow in your Nextpoint Litigation database, although you might find yourself jumping in somewhere in the middle, or doing steps in a different order.

Click on any step to get helpful information, or use the search box to the right to find answers to your questions.

Note: Reads top to bottom then left to right.

Pre-Trial                          >>>                          Trial
Set-up Process Organize Prepare Present
Exchange from Discovery Import Docs Search Set Exhibit Stamp Template Display Docs in Theater
Add Users View Import Status Evidence Dashboard Stamp Trial Exhibits Visual Timeline Builder
Add Custom Fields Upload Deponent Transcripts Markup Your Documents Working with Transcripts  
Create Folders, Issues & Designations Upload Proceeding Transcripts Add Coding to Docs Create Document Treatments  
File Room   Designate Transcripts Prep Witness Binders  
    Create Trial Exhibit List Organize Your Demonstratives  
    Facts, Issues, and People Chronology Tab  
      Build a Chronology  
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