Setting Up Custom Fields for Documents in Litigation


* This functionality is available for Advanced and Standard users only.

Nextpoint Litigation has many standard metadata fields, such as Author & Document Date, present when your database is first created. You may want to create more fields to allow you to import the metadata from a legacy database, or just to help you get a better handle on your documents. You can create as many as you need, here's how:

At the top of the home page click MORE > Settings.



Click to view the Documents tab, and under the Fields section click "Create New".


Choose a Title for your coding field, and select the Input Type - there is a brief description of each kind. To learn more about Input Types, click here.

When you are all set, click "Create".


If you choose to make the field a List, Locked List, or Picklist, you will be able to enter values. Enter a value, then click "Add". To remove a value, click Nextpoint - Review Sandbox-20.jpg. When you have entered all values, click "Done/Close".


Did I just create a Hot Field?

Oftentimes more (custom) coding fields are created with intent and you may plan to utilize that field more extensively than others. If that is the case, you have the opportunity to promote your newly created field as a "Hot Field" so it will be more readily available in your coding panel. Click here for more info on Hot Fields.


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