Nextpoint Field Index and Descriptions


Attached below, you will find an index and descriptions of all Fields available in Nextpoint alongside additional details related to each:

Nextpoint System Name: The field name as recognized by the Nextpoint platform.

Column Name in Loadfile:  The default name in the load file templates which will be included upon export.  These names can be modified to meet with your specific ESI protocol or production specifications.

Searchable Field?:  Outlines Yes/No if the field is searchable in Nextpoint.

Export Only?: Outlines if this is a field which can only be exported.

Metadata Priority List: Certain fields have multiple document attributes from which they can pull (e.g. Document Date could pull from last_modified, creation_date, etc...).  This column outlines the priority in which we populate a particular field from the various document attributes.

Accepts Loadfile Data?:  Outlines if you can import/map to the field.


A preview of the attached index:


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