Preparing a Folder for Production


If your production needs to include consistently coded email families, we recommend you follow the workflow below. Please contact the Client Success team at if you would like to discuss a different production workflow.

1. Set Up your Folders

Go to SETTINGS > Folders and click "Create New".


You'll often want to create two folders. One folder including all production-ready documents, named by either the client name or production date, and another quality control folder including all inconsistently coded documents - where parent emails and their related attachments have been coded differently.



2. Filter your Documents

Next, on the Review tab use the Review Status filter to find documents marked as:

  • Bates Status: Bates not assigned
  • Relevancy: Responsive
  • Privilege: Not privileged


3. Add Documents to the Production Folder

Once you have filtered your documents, sort them in your desired order by clicking the appropriate field at the top of the grid view screen. To add these documents to a folder, click "Select All" then "Bulk Actions".



In the bulk actions pop-up, apply documents to the production folder and check "Grouped by email family including related documents" and "Email-family".  This will add not only the documents previously filtered for, but also their related documents.


4. Check for Inconsistencies within Production Folder

Select your newly populated production-ready folder from the Review tab.



To identify family members that are not responsive, not privileged, or not reviewed run through these Review Status filters:

  • Relevancy: Non-Responsive, Not Reviewed, or Requires Follow-up;
  • Privilege: Not Privileged, or Not Reviewed

If there are any results, click "Select All" then "Bulk Actions".



Add these documents to the inconsistent folder you created in step 2 and check "Grouped by email family including related documents" and "Email-family".


5. Resolve the Inconsistencies within Production Folder

Click your inconsistent folder on the Review tab. Go through each document family and clear up any inconsistencies or remove them from this round of production.  Once complete, your production folder should be ready for Bates stamping and exporting.

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