How to Download & Unzip Multiple Volumes


Large productions are exported into separate, smaller zip files. When you unzip a zip file, many extraction tools create a new folder named the same as the zip folder. This is problematic for importing a productions. You want one production folder with DATA/IMAGES/NATIVES/TEXT folders all located inside of it.

The contents of each zip volume would then show up as subfolders within each of the main folders (ie IMAGES/IMAGES0001, IMAGES/IMAGES0002, etc.). It is important to leave those subfolders unaltered as the load file will be looking for the above file path and any changes will prevent the system from properly locating it. Here is how you can do it:

1. Make sure you have pop-up blocker turned off - each folder will open in a new tab for download.

2. Select "Download All".

Download All Button.png

3. The load file and each volume will open in a new tab to initiate the download.

Download Export.gif

4. Once you have completed the download of every volume, you will want to combine these folders into one "main" production folder. Both Windows and Mac have a variety of unzipping programs that you can use to get your downloads organized into one folder.

Windows - 7zip or WinRAR

5. Navigate to your Downloads folder on your local computer.

6. Click the first volume, hold shift, and click the last volume to highlight every folder.

7. Right click - navigate to WinRAR and from that menu select "Extract Here".

Combine Downloads in WinZip.png

8. After the files are extracted, you will see the combined "ABCPROD" folder.

Combined Folder from WinRAR.png


Mac - Peazip or Unzip One

5. Once the files are finished downloading, open Peazip and locate them.

6. Click the first file, hold "shift" and scroll to the bottom of your list to click the last file. This will select all folders.

7. Then, right click and select "Extract all here" which will start consolidating those folders.


8. If the below warning shows up next to the progress bar, you can select "yes" as you are not changing the files and you will want to replace them to ensure they're going to the correct location. 


There are other programs that will accomplish this but the Mac default Archive Utility does not have this capability. You'll want to find one that is able to combine all of the folders into one place.


In the resulting folder, you'll see one DATA/IMAGES/TEXT/NATIVES folder and within those, each volume's contents will be separated. The data folder is where the load file is contained, and the contents of the Images, Text, and Natives folders will accurately reflect the paths that exist in the load file. 

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