Exporting Documents and Transcript Designations in Litigation


As Individual Documents Utilizing an Export Template 

Exporting individual documents can be useful in a variety of instances (e.g.productions, depositions exhibits, expert documents, witness packages, etc...)

You can export individual documents at the folder-level under the DOCUMENTS tab.  To do so:

  1. Click the three-dot drop-down to the right of the Folder and/or Issue
  2. Click Export and provide a name for your export
  3. Select an Export Template (PDF export template if you would like to receive individual PDFs in your export)
  4. Finalize by clicking Export again.



As a Combined/Expansive PDF

Exporting a combined PDF (a single PDF assembled from multiple docs) is often best practice when the end-goal is to print out an export to be viewed in-hand, or shared manually.

A combined PDF export can be generated for any Folder of Issue under the DOCUMENTS tab. To do so:

  1. Click the three-dot drop-down to the right of the Folder and/or Issue
  2. Select “Assemble as PDF"
  3. Name your PDF export and make selections for native placeholders, cover pages, and any image markups (Highlights, Redactions, Page Notes)
  4. Finalize by clicking Export.



Exporting Individual Document Selections

Upon running any search in which the results return in the grid or chron view display of your database, you will have the opportunity to export your documents directly from the grid view.

  1. Use the top left arrow drop-down to select which documents would like to export (all, some, or none)
  2. Click the top-level Export menu and select "As Individual PDFs" or “As Combined PDF".
  3. Once you make your selection for your export format, you will be prompted to provide a name for your export.
  4. Make selections for additional specifications (image markups, cover pages, etc..)
  5. Finalize by clicking Export.




Exporting Transcript Designations

Exporting Designations to Custom Report

When viewing your deposition, in the lower right corner of your screen, will see a drop-down titled Reports from which you can export designations in six different formats :

  • Full PDF is the entire deposition with all designations marked accordingly.
  • Summary PDF is an abridged pdf of only the passages that received designations.
  • Summary Text is an abridged text file of only the passages that received designations.
  • A Condensed PDF is the full deposition transcript, displayed with 4 transcript pages per pdf page.
  • Line Summary export is a listing of the page and lines for every designation, in every label or issue, for your deponent.  This text file can be used in Trial Director as it is a modifiable .ccs file.
  • OnCue Summary export is a text file listing of the page and lines for all designations or issues selected in the report drop down. This text file can be used in OnCue.

Simply select the Report Type that you want to generate, the Designations and/or Issues you want to include on your report, then toggle which Report Options you want to include (notes, highlights, margins). Click Export to generate the report:



Export Designations to Excel
You can also export your designations to an excel file. A CSV Export will give you a list of each designation, complete with notes and objections.

When viewing your deposition, in the lower right corner of your screen, will see a drop-down titled Browse from which you can select a Designation or Transcript Issue.  The presence of a particular designation or issue indicates the transcript has been designated with such.

Press Export CSV and you'll be sent an email notification when your .csv file is ready for you to download.



Export Designations across a Folder or Issue

Go to the DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS tab and click on your Designation or Issue.

At the top of the page, you may select Clip Summary Report (PDF) to export your impeachment designations.



How do I download my exports?

All exported documents will be available via MORE > Data > Exports. Any exported transcript designation reports will be available via MORE > Data > My Downloads. Read here for more information on accessing and downloading your exports in Nextpoint Litigation.

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