Nextpoint User Access Levels & Permissions


In any Nextpoint database, there are three to four user access levels available for adding users with access being granted per database.  The different user types, based on lowest to highest amount of access are: Reviewer, Basic, Standard, and Advanced. 

Access Description

Reviewers can access, code and set review statuses only for documents assigned to them via a Folder.  They can not apply bulk action coding decisions to a group and/or family of documents.

Note:  The Reviewer access level is not available for selection in Prep databases as folders cannot be assigned.

Basic Basic users can access all data, but in a read-only format. They can not add, edit or delete documents.
Standard Standard users can view all data and are able to edit and add information.  They do not have access to manage users and/or settings such as folders, issues, and fields.
Advanced Advanced users have full control to manage users, add/edit/delete evidence (in bulk) and manage settings such as folders, issues, and fields. This role should be reserved for a small number of users.
Dashboard Administrator A person(s) having administrative control of a firm's Account Dashboard and maintaining the ability to monitor user activity, data imports, key metrics and the creation of new Projects and Databases.

Outlined below are the specific permissions for each user role:


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