Creating Folders


*This functionality is available for Advanced users only.

There are several ways to create a folder in Nextpoint.

1. If no folders are set-up in your database, you will have the option to create a folder by selecting the REVIEW tab and clicking "Create Folder". Following this step, you will be taken to a screen to create a new folder.


2. If there are already folders set up in your database, and you would like to another, at the top of the home page select SETTINGS > Folders, then click "Create New".


Choose a Name and Abbreviation for your Folder, assign a color, and click "Create".

Users with Reviewer accounts can only access documents in Folders that they have been assigned to.


To assign, un-assign, inactivate or delete users, click the box next to the Folder you would like to edit and select "Bulk Actions"


Select the box next to the users you would like to assign and click "Assign". This is also the process you would use when un-assigning, inactivating and deleting users.


If you would like to edit a folder, click "Edit" to make your changes.


There is no limit to the amount of Folders you can create. Check out our blog post about this.


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