How to Create Folders in Discovery


*The below functionality is available for Advanced users only.

Introduction to Folders

Folders in Nextpoint are a mechanism used to organize groups of like documents. (e.g. “Custodian A Mailbox” or "ABC Production001") and can be applied to documents individually at the document-level or en masse with a Bulk Action.

It is important to note, folders are structured as a 'tag' that points to documents within a particular grouping.  Thus, one unique document might be found in multiple folders because the different folder 'tags' are pointing to that document. 

For example, I might add Email #1 to a folder titled "Email Review".  After reviewing, I distinguish this email should be produced and ultimately it is added to my "ABC Prod001" folder.  Moving forward, I will be able to locate email #1 in both the Email Review and ABC Prod001 folders (and it is only one copy of the email).


How to Create a New Folder

Whether you are first setting up and organizing your database, importing data, or running a search, creating a folder is accessible to you.  Outlined below are the different ways to create a folder in Nextpoint. 

Settings On Import Folder List Bulk Action Empty State

Create a Folder from Settings

1 | Locate Folder Settings

From the top navigation in your Discovery database, navigate to Settings    Folders     and click Create New in the Folders Section.



2 | Create your Folder

  1. Enter your Folder Name and validate the auto-populated abbreviation/prefix is what you prefer.
  2. Assign a color to distinguish your folder visually in the database.  Perhaps, all custodian folders are blue, all production folders are green, etc..
  3. Select which Folder Category (or categories) your folder should be associated with.
  4. Click Create to finalize the creation of your folder.

The next step will be to add documents to your folder.  Read on how to use Bulk Actions to organize your documents here >>


Additional Folder Actions from database Settings

Edit your Folder

If you would like to edit a folder, click Edit and make your desired changes.  Click Update to save your changes.



Manage Folder Assignments

Users with Reviewer user permissions can only access documents in Folders that they have been assigned to.  Currently, folder assignments can only be managed via SETTINGS    Folders.

To assign or un-assign users to a particular folder, click the box next to the Folder(s) for which you would like to manage assignments    click Bulk Edit    select the desired action (Assign, Un-assign)

The same steps apply if you would like to inactivate or delete a folder.


If managing assignments, select the box next to the users you would like to assign to the selected folders    click Assign.


There is no limit to the number of Folders you can create. Check out our blog post about this.

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