Create a New Project with Client/Matter Number


If you are new to Nextpoint and wanting to set up your account and your first project, simply email with the following information:

  • Names and emails of users needing access to project
  • Project caption
  • Approximate number of pages

Our Client Success team will take care of the rest, and you will be notified when the project has been created.

Once we receive a customer’s completed hosting agreement, the project will be set up and you can start uploading documents immediately.

Adding Additional Projects to your Account

This functionality is for Account Administrators only.

To add a project after your first one has been added by the Nextpoint Client Success team, navigate to the top left of your screen and click "Manage Account".



On the Projects tab, click on the green "Create" button located above the table. A drop down menu will appear. Select Create New Project. 



From there, simply add your Project Name, Client Number and Matter Number and "Save". Client Number and Matter Number will appear on all Nextpoint databases within this project and on your monthly Nextpoint statements to assist in billing. 



To add an existing database to your projects, click on the three dot menu and select "Add Existing Database"

Note: From this same three dot menu, you can also "Edit" and add Client and Matter numbers to any existing projects.


Choose which database(s) you would like to add to your project and click "Save". Any database added to the selected project will be removed from all other projects. 

In the alternative, you can create a new project as you are creating a new database. To add a new database, follow the instructions here.

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