How to Import Produced Data with a Load File (video)



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  • File Room Set Up - :20 Locating the File Room | 1:26 Uploading data to the File Room | 9:20 Validating your data structure
  • Import Workflow - 12:14 Select production folder for import | 12:40 Import Data Settings | 18:32 Intro to Load File Mapper
  • Load File Mapper Specifics - 24:01 Image Mapping | 25:18 Field Mapping | 30:14 Text/Native Mapping
  • Post-Import - 32:55 Processing & Batch Details | 34:50 Family Linking


Additional Training and Support Information

File Room & Import Best Practices Checklist

Produced Data Structure and Relative Path Information

How to Import Produced Data with a Load File

Linking Email Families in Produced Data Imports

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