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Why did my PST import with errors and/or warnings? Is there anything I can do to avoid them?

Because of the complexity of mailboxes and the variety of formats they can be exported from, PSTs are notoriously error prone. Some issues are unavoidable but these steps can minimize issues:

  • Import PSTs one at a time.
  • Look into the PST processing tab.

"Missing" errors could mean:

  1. We don't support the extraction of certain file types from PSTs (things like Teams Messages and PersonMetadata often show as extraction errors).
  2. There is some corruption in the PST that caused our processors to skip those files.
  3. There is an error on the PSTs index and all files were actually extracted.

To address these extraction "errors" we recommend the following:

  1. Download the PST
  2. Open it in Outlook or another compatible PST processor.
  3. Confirm the file count in the folder the "missing" files are from.
  4. Determine if the files in this folder could be relevant to your case
  5. Extract the missing files from that folder (or the entire folder if they cannot be individually identified)
  6. Import the additional individual emails into your database (with deduplication on if importing the entire folder).

We can also complete these steps for you as a billable service. Please contact for details. 

Why do several of the "emails" extracted from my PST appear blank? 

Email files that appear to be blank often consist of iCalendar/vCalendar or Contact files. These files are atypical and because of their unusual formatting, we do not fully support the extraction of all of the metadata that may appear in the files themselves. To check this, click the three-dot menu from the document viewer, "view original files" and download it. If the native still appears blank after download, click into the properties of the email and you may notice mention of calendar invites or contacts. 

It is possible to have a custom service project done that would convert these to a plain text file that will be imaged and can be searched, similar to what you see below. Please reach out to for more information.

What can be done about Teams Messages that do not extract on import?

Though we do not currently extract teams messages from PST files on import. However, it is possible to extract them separately as loose files and import them into your database.

To do this, open the email file in outlook and find the folder called "TeamsMessagesData". Select all of the items and copy/paste them into a folder on your local computer. You can then upload that folder to the file room and import.

Why is the subject metadata in my grid view blank? 

Sometimes emails will come in without without a subject or title field. This can happen with atypical or potentially corrupted files, but you can still click into the document and download the original file if it hasn't imaged within our system. We are working on automatically correcting these black subject fields to reflect "<no subject>" and can run a script through your import to correct this so that every document is clickable. Another workaround to address this issue is to add the Nextpoint ID to your grid view (through settings) which you can then click on to view the document in question. 


Why do the PST files appear as documents in my database and why is this file "blank"?

Similar to if you imported an email with an attached zip file, Nextpoint preserves container files as their own "documents" while also extracting their contents. They are duplicative of the extracted contents and generally are NOT be produced along side their contents as they are both duplicative and could contain information that is otherwise withheld as non-responsive or privileged. These files can be removed from review folders or databases without affecting the status of their imported contents. They appear "blank" because they are simply the shells that contain other documents (which are extracted and imported). 

What do errors/warnings related to PST imports mean and how should I address them?

Check out this support article for details about PST import errors and warnings. 


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