Adding Documents to a Folder in Litigation


Add Documents to a Folder Using Bulk Actions

Perform a search to find the documents you would like to add. Select the documents and click "Bulk Actions".


NOTE: With this method, you may choose to include related documents, even if they were not returned in the search. 

The Bulk Edit window will open, where you can choose which Folder to add to. Be sure to select how you would like to update your documents before continuing. You have the option to update documents:

  • In their current order - Only the documents in your current selection will be processed. They will be processed in the same order they appear in your set.
  • Grouped by email family - Only the documents in your current selection will be processed - no additional/related documents will be included. Before processing begins, the documents in your current selection will be re-ordered such that emails and their attachments are located "next to each other". They will be processed in that order.
  • Grouped by email family, including related documents


Click "Update Documents" and they will be added to your Folder based on the items you have selected.



Add an Individual Document to a Folder

Click into the document you would like to add to a folder from the Documents tab. Within the Document View, navigate to Designations & Relations in the sidebar. There you will find the Related Folders, Issues and Depositions.



To add the document to a folder, click the dropdown arrow next to Related Folders.



Click the Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_10.00.51_AM.png symbol next to the folder you would like to add the document to, enter a folder number (or leave the number blank to use the default), and press "Submit".



Once the document has been applied to the folder, the Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_10.00.51_AM.png symbol will change to Screen_Shot_2017-02-27_at_10.15.53_AM.png.


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