Exporting Designations


Exporting Designations For One Deponent

When viewing your deposition, in the lower right corner of your screen, you'll see a box for you to export designations.  The dropdown menu shows 4 different methods of exporting your designations: Line Summary, Full PDFSummary PDF, or Condensed PDF. 

Full PDF is the entire deposition with all designations marked accordingly.

Summary PDF is an abridged export of just the passages that received designations.

Line Summary export is a listing of the page and lines for every designation, in every label or issue, for your deponent.  This text file can be used in Trial Director as it is a modifiable .ccs file.

A Condensed PDF is the full deposition transcript, displayed with 4 transcript pages per pdf page.


Simply select the Report Type that you want to generate, Folders or Issues, then toggle which Report Options you want to include. Click Export to generate the report:


 Export To Excel

You can also export your designations to an excel file. A CSV Export will give you a list of each designation, complete with notes and objections.

All can be exported in list form via Excel. Under Designations on the right side of the page, click the Browse dropdown and choose your Folder or Issue. The asterisk indicates that a folder has designations.



Press Export CSV and you'll be sent an email notification when your .csv file is ready for you to download.


Export Designations across a Folder or Issue

Go to the Depositions tab and click on your Folder or Issue.

At the top of the page, you may select Summary PDF to export your impeachment designations.


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