Searching for Documents in Litigation


Nextpoint employs Boolean logic with Advanced Search. Enter your data in the appropriate fields and click Advanced Search. Below is a breakdown.

Advanced Search

  1. Use Boolean operators and proximity search
  2. Search within text and/or coding
  3. Search by category, folder, or issue
  4. Exclude terms, search by beginning of a word, or perform fuzzy search
  5. Search within specific coding fields
  6. Click Advanced Search

* Search syntax is generated as you type



Viewing Search Results

From Grid View:

  1. Preview your results from your gridview via the  icon.  You can navigate through your results using the up and down arrows of your keyboard.
  2. Sort by any column in your grid view to sort in ascending or descending order.  You can add/remove fields from your Grid View Template(s) via MORE >> Settings >> Documents >> Grid View Column Templates (edit)
  3. Do you want to Save a search for your colleague or for later reference?  Simply click "Save" to the right of your search bar after running any given search and it will be available (again under Save) moving forward.



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