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  • General Search Syntax
  • Document Identifiers - Nextpoint ID, Bates, Bates Prefix, Bates Range
  • Document Metadata - Author, Recipients, CC, BCC, Domain, Date, File Extension
  • Work Product - Folder, Issue, Responsive Status, Privilege Status, Highlighted, Highlight Notes, Page Notes, Treatments, Exhibit Stamped, Custom Fields
  • True/False Fields - Privileged, Confidentiality, Redacted, Email Thread, Bates Stamped, Native Placeholder, Non-Imaged Placeholder

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Search Syntax Operators

Operators Description

EXAMPLES: patent will return all documents containing the term patent anywhere on the document or in the metadata

Search_text:patent will return all documents containing the term patent anywhere on the search text of the document, only.  Metadata hits will not be accounted for when performing this search

Operator Hierarchy

Tip: General hierarchy is NOT > AND > OR but this can be overridden through the use of parentheticals

EXAMPLES: (batch:2 OR batch:3) AND confidentiality:CONFIDENTIAL  OR search will be performed before AND search

(patent OR invention) NOT “Smith” - OR search will be performed before NOT search

NOT, -

Excludes term or field from results; Case sensitive

EXAMPLE: patent NOT invention; patent -invention - Documents with the term patent but without the term invention

AND, +

Returns results with both terms

EXAMPLE: patent AND invention; patent +invention - Documents which contain both patent AND invention

OR, ( )

Returns results with either terms or fields.

EXAMPLES: patent OR invention; (patent invention) - Documents which contain patent or invention</em


Proximity search, searching within n words

EXAMPLE: “patent invention”~5 - Documents containing the term patent within five words of invention

“ ”

Exact Phrase

EXAMPLE: "prior art" - Documents which contain the exact phrase "prior art"


Prefix wildcard search within 6 characters.  Anything beyond 6 characters will be truncated; Suffix wildcard does not truncate the search

EXAMPLES: * = - Documents containing

conclu* - Documents containing the words concluded, conclude, conclusion, etc.


  • Nextpoint does not support double-ended wildcard searches (E.g. searches such as *bag*).
  • Surrounding a wildcard search in quotes will render inaccurate results.  If you input a wildcard search via Advanced Search (e.g. Author:Charl* to capture Charles or Charlie) please make sure to remove the quotations which are inserted in the Advanced Search builder.


Standard Document Fields

Document Identifiers

Command Description
Nextpoint ID

Unique number assigned to every document upon entry


ID:(1234 5678 9101) - Becomes an OR search, and pulls all three documents


Bates number assigned to a document, whether it was stamped through Nextpoint, or elsewhere

EXAMPLES: ABC000001 - Returns the document that contains this exact stamp on a page of said document

Bates:* - Returns all Bates assigned documents within your database

Bates:(ABC000001 ABC000015 ABC000027) - Returns each document that hits on that particular Bates number.  Essentially this becomes an OR search instead of a range search

Note:Bates numbers with spaces need to be in quotes. Bates:"ABC 000001"

Bates Prefix

The alphabetical portion of the Bates stamp

EXAMPLE: Bates:ABC* - Returns all Bates assigned documents with the prefix of ABC within your database

Bates Range

Documents with Bates numbers within an identified range

EXAMPLE: Bates:[ABC000001 ABC000015]

Note:Bates numbers with spaces need to be in quotes. Bates:[“ABC 000001” “ABC 000015”]


Document Metadata

General Rule of thumb for searching within any coding/metadata field is field:value

Command Description

Author of an email or document



Recipient(s) of an email; Plural regardless of singular or multiple recipients



Recipient(s) copied on an email



Recipient(s) "blind copied" on an email


The above searches will be dependent on what format your data is brought into Nextpoint. Often inboxes are set where an individual’s actual name appears in the To/From/CC/BCC fields, in lieu of their email handle. For example, could also be formatted as cc:"John Smith" or cc:smith.  Before performing your email search, we suggest reviewing a couple sample emails or the Analytics "widget" section for further, quick insight.

Email Searching: Nextpoint stores email addresses as a whole and split up for ease of searching. 

EXAMPLE: is stored multiple times as the following:


Returns all emails to or from a particular domain.  This includes the author, recipients, cc, and bcc fields.

EXAMPLE: - all emails containing in the author, recipients, cc, or bcc fields.


Returns all emails from a particular domain.  This includes the author field.

EXAMPLE: - all emails containing in the author field.


Returns all emails to a particular domain.  This includes the recipients, cc, and bcc fields.

EXAMPLE: - all emails containing in the recipients, cc, and bcc fields.


EXAMPLE: Date:09/11/2001 - can also use Document_Date:09/11/2001

Date:[1990 2001] - returns results for all documents within that range of years.  Can also use exact dates to narrow your date range.

Date:>2001-09 - returns results for all documents after September 2001;  can also use Date:>09/2001


Returns documents with a particular file extension

EXAMPLE: File_extension:xl* - all versions of Microsoft Excel documents (i.e. xls, xlsx, etc.)


Location from which the file was collected

EXAMPLE: Original_filepath:”Smith Matter” - all documents that contain “Smith Matter” within the original filepath

Use Case: If the documents were originally placed in a folder on an individual's desktop, prior to collection, and you are now trying to re-create the same organization in Nextpoint, you can search for a known portion of the original filepath and then apply to a corresponding folder in Nextpoint


Returns all documents with a particular Email Message ID


Work Product

Command Description

Will return all documents contained within a particular folder in Nextpoint

EXAMPLE: Folder:”John Smith Inbox” - Will return all documents within the John Smith Inbox" folder in Nextpoint

FAQ: How do I search for a certain range of documents in a folder (e.g. the first 1,000 documents in the folder)?  folder:"folder name":[1 1000]


Will return all documents tagged as “Responsive”

EXAMPLE: Review_status:responsive - Will return all documents tagged as “Responsive”


Will return all documents tagged with a particular responsive issue

EXAMPLE: Issue:damages - all documents tagged with issue damages


Will return all documents tagged with a particular privilege reason

EXAMPLE: Privileged:Work-Product - all documents tagged as privileged, work-product


Will return all documents with highlight image markups

EXAMPLE: Highlighted:true


Documents with highlight image markups associated with a particular issue

EXAMPLE: Highlight_Notes:collusion

Page Notes

Utilize the filter to narrow to all documents with page notes in place

Open Filters > Work Product > Select “Documents With Notes Only”


Utilize the filter to narrow to all documents with treatments applied in theater mode

Open Filters > Work Product > Select “Has Treatments”

Exhibit Stamped

Folder:folder abbreviation:stamp number - Will return that particular exhibit stamped in Nextpoint

EXAMPLE: folder:PX:5 - Returns Plaintiff Exhibit 5

Stamped:* - Will return all documents that contain an exhibit stamp applied within Nextpoint

Fields (Documents and Transcripts)

General rule of thumb for searching is field_name:value


Attorney_notes:important - Search for a term or phrase from a note that you may want to locate

Request_for_Production:5 - Search a value from a picklist.

Use case: If you had all of your request for production numbers listed in a custom picklist field, and coded documents to each request, you could pull up all documents that pertained to a particular request through the above search.


Volume:2 - Search for a specific transcript volume

Deposing_Attorney:Smith - Returns and transcript(s) containing "Smith" in the Deposing Attorney transcript field.



True/False Fields

privileged:true True if document has at least one privilege tag
confidentiality:true True if one document is marked with Confientiality in Nextpoint
redacted:true True if one document is marked with redactions within Nextpoint
Email_thread:true True if email conversation starter
Is_attachment:true True if file is attached to an email
Has_attachment:true True if email has an attachment
Bates_Stamped:true True if Bates stamped within Nextpoint
Has_native_placeholder:true True if native placeholder was inserted and Bates stamped, as it was a file type that needed to be produced in its native/original form, even though it does have an image in Nextpoint (i.e. excels)
Non_imaged_placeholder:true True if a non-imaged placeholder was inserted and Bates stamped, because it was a file type that does not image through traditional software (I.e. audio/video files)

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